In the Sponsor Spotlight – Renew Computers


Jordan Brownstein and Tony Reynolds
CTP now-graduate Jordan Brownstein, left, with Renew Computers' owner, Tony Reynolds.

(We continue our series honoring our intern sponsors.)

Renew Computers is the largest independent electronics recycling center (“anything with a chip in it”) in Marin County.  Conveniently located in San Rafael,  they receive used electronic equipment–mostly computers–from individuals, small businesses and large corporations.  The higher quality computers are then refurbished by their team of technicians and are re-sold, providing low-cost reliable systems to the public while reducing the need for landfill space.  Last November, California Assemblyman Jared Huffman presented Renew Computers with the Sustainable North Bay Award.

In addition to recycling, Renew Computers operates a discount parts warehouse, a retail store and a service department.  Their retail store offers not only a wide range of computers (desktop and laptop, Windows and MAC-OS), but refurbished cell phones, stereo equipment and network equipment as well.

The technician team's workbench at Renew Computers.

In 2010 Tony Reynolds, owner of Renew Computers, agreed to provide an internship opportunity for CTP student Jordan Brownstein.  “We didn’t need a hard core technical person–we had those positions filled already,” says Tony.  “We needed a salesperson, someone to greet customers and do a bit of sales.  Jordan is very outgoing, very friendly, so he is good at that.”

While Jordan did spend a few days stripping computers for usable parts and erasing hard drives for a large corporate client, he was more often waiting on customers, diagnosing problems and writing up job orders for the technicians.  He sold refurbished computers and other technical hardware to customers.  Jordan also set up the showroom and organized their parts storeroom.

Jordan busy at work.

“I’m definitely using what I learned at CTP,” says Jordan. “It helps me identify which parts are usable and which are not and to diagnose what is wrong with a computer.”

In the end Renew Computers was so pleased with Jordan’s work that they hired him.  (While there’s no expectation for a sponsoring company to hire the intern, we do love it when it works out that way!)

So a big and heartfelt THANK YOU to Renew Computers for supporting CTP!


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