New CTP Video: What is Cyber Security?

CTP has released a new, short video from Director Alex Tabony on Cyber Security
We are frequently asked about Cyber Security, and many DOR participants enrolling in our program tell us that they want to get a job in Cyber Security. The trouble is that “Cyber Security” by itself is generally not a job title and is not well defined. As we all know, having as clear and specific a career goal as possible is crucial to finding success. We believe this video will help.

This 15-minute video gives an easy-to-understand explanation of what Cyber Security is (and is not) and presents a practical plan on how to achieve a career in Cyber Security.

Please feel free to share this link/video.

We’d love to hear your feedback if this sort of video is helpful. At CTP we’ve been working in technology for nearly 50 years. We are happy to share our knowledge if it helps in furthering our shared mission.

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