CTP’s Training system leads directly to employment

CTP has been successfully training people with disabilities since 1975! Throughout our long history we have regularly updated and evolved our training to meet the needs of our clients and the business world.

Current Training Classes

Intro Class: Computer Skills Bootcamp (CSB) – A fast start to learning the basics of the web, email, resume writing and other essential skills. Prerequisite for all core classes.

Intro Class: Basic Office Skills (BOS) – The Basic Office Skills class teaches the essential skills and knowledge that everyone needs to work in an office setting. The class is designed for transition aged youth (16-25) but can benefit anyone who has not worked in a professional office setting, who is making a career transition or who has has been out of the work force for some time.

Core Class: Office Systems Training (OST) – Learn the essential computer and business skills required in the professional workplace. The Microsoft Office suite is covered in depth with a series of business-like assignments which emphasize the fundamentals.

Core Class: Network and Technical Support Training (NTST) – Learn the skills required for a career in IT technical support including computer hardware, software, networking and troubleshooting.