• Professional Development

    CTP's has a highly structured and highly effective approach to professional development and job search.

  • Computer Technician Training

    High tech training, networking, virtualization, and cloud services. Fully updated instructor-led remote sessions. Dedicated datacenter access.

  • CTP's History

    In 1974, CTP had an intensive computer programing class that was highly successful. Employers considered CTP's graduates equally qualified as traditional CS university graduates of the time.

  • Instructor Led Remote Classes

    Our entire program has been revamped for the COVID era and beyond. Access classes, learning materials, and our data center from anywhere.

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Since 1974, Computer Technologies Program has provided over one million hours of training and support for thousands of people with disabilities taking steps toward their career goals. We work hand-in-hand with the Department of Rehabilitation so there is no cost for our program’s participants and they have access to a wide range of support services.

Recent Posts

Computer Skills Bootcamp Testimonial 12/1/2022

“What was very helpful when I was doing my resume, changing from being a professional truck driver to what I’m changing into now, Mike [Curran, Bootcamp instructor] was real helpful with thinking of the skills I had as a truck driver and transferring them to the new job. Mike was instrumental in that…[I learned about] writing letters, the typing, learning …

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Computer Essentials Testimonial 12/1/2022

“I didn’t know anything about a computer. Now, I’m comfortable. My anxiety about it is going away. I would recommend it to anybody who has difficulty with computers… The main thing was dealing with the files and how to create files, and of course, downloading documents & attaching files, because a lot of jobs require you to do that… Now …

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New CTP Video: What is Cyber Security?

CTP has released a new, short video from Director Alex Tabony on Cyber Security We are frequently asked about Cyber Security, and many DOR participants enrolling in our program tell us that they want to get a job in Cyber Security. The trouble is that “Cyber Security” by itself is generally not a job title and is not well defined. …

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Esther Support Industries Increases IT and Customer Support Staff

Esther Support Industries announced that it is engaging in a major hiring push in its IT and customer support division both locally and in its international office. Esther Support Industries, founded in 1995, supports the Aerospace industry and other industries with a variety of support services. Opportunities for entry-level staff as well as experienced IT professionals may be a good …

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Graduate Profile: Joseph Canada

“Get that education. Get that knowledge. Nobody is going to hand you success, it’s up to you to use that education to achieve it.” This advice comes from Computer Technologies Program graduate Joseph Canada, 47. A former electrician and cosmetologist, Canada now works as a cybersecurity specialist. “I was one of those late bloomers who grew up at the age …

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