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CTP’s Executive Director, Joan Breves’s relative has just published Money Smart, a better approach to money management. The author Ted Hunter has offered CTP 25% of sales if you buy his book thought this link (until November 12th). Neil Jacobson currently CEO of Abilicorp and co -founder of CTP as well as retired Senior Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank wrote a testimonial:

An easy-to-read, logical, and practical approach to keeping a budget and financial planning. No complex formulas, hypothetical theories, or magic. Just straightforward, simple rules that everyone can and should follow.

Description of Smart Money

With a simple and accessible style, Money Smart delivers a better approach to personal money management. Author Ted Hunter shows readers that they are capable of managing their money better than anyone else—including financial professionals. He first exposes the destructive myths and system-wide incompetence that have dominated money management advice for decades. Hunter then empowers readers by providing the information they need to make their own decisions.

Money Smart offers an education in financial topics that will help readers achieve financial freedom, including planning spending and saving, buying and selling a home or car, paying for an education, recognising the importance of market cycles, and understanding the various investment and insurance options. Presenting easy-to-use tools and a clear list of rules to follow, Money Smart teaches readers to make solid, educated decisions so they can effectively manage their money.

Using a direct approach and personal anecdotes to demonstrate time-tested advice, Hunter reveals a comprehensive approach to personal money management. Readers will:

  • Receive tools for getting out of debt—now;
  • learn to spend smart, save more, and take charge of their money;
  • and discover how to balance enjoying life now with planning for the future, and achieve the ultimate goal—financial freedom.

Offering a brief but thorough education in financial topics, Money Smart is America’s manual for personal money management.

Ted Hunter, “Why I Wrote Money Smart”

In the years since 2007 when the national financial devastation came to light, the so-called financial experts haven’t said a word about why they didn’t warn people. They didn’t tell people not to borrow against their home’s temporarily inflated value or to stop buying badly overpriced stocks. They didn’t suggest planning for change but stuck to their standard advice—to just go right on doing the very things that got us into trouble in the first place.

I’ve watched in dismay as millions of people who believed in the established financial system saw their dreams for financial independence vaporize in a sea of financial mismanagement. I saw, with great clarity, the depth of the myths, and, in some cases, the outright lies that had been told about money and the damage they had done. Worst of all, I realized that all of this would just continue to happen unless something was done, and so I decided to do something about it.

It’s time for a better approach to personal money management. Money Smart provides that approach with time-tested advice and a complete set of tools to manage your money and create financial freedom.

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