Job: Part Time Lab Instructor

Update – This job has been filled.

Computer Technologies Program ( is seeking a part time lab instructor for its Network and Technical Support program. CTP is a 35 year old non-profit organization that primarily serves adults with disabilities.

The Job

The lab instructor (LI) is responsible for overseeing technical lab classes. At the beginning of each class the LI will provide an overview of what the students will be doing. Once students begin the lab the LI will observe, assist one-on-one and ensure students are being productive. Periodically the LI will provide a written or verbal report on the student’s cooperation, attitude and aptitude. In time the LI will become involved in the development of the curriculum.

Classes are conducted in an informal but professional environment. LIs are not expected to provide support for students’ disability accommodation needs and the LI will always have the school’s experienced staff to rely on.


  • Able to patiently work with people with a wide difference in aptitude and background.
  • Empathetic and emotionally intelligent
  • Web savvy
  • Have knowledge of professional IT support
  • Can take a computer apart and put it back together without any problems.
  • Comfortable installing OSs and software.
  • an troubleshoot basic networking problems.

You know the difference between DDR, TCP/IP, registry keys, SMTP, PHP, VirtualBox and could give at least a basic explanation of what they are.

Nice to have

  • Knowledge of trouble ticket systems
  • Current A+ certification
  • Teaching experience


  • 16 hours/wk
  • Monday-Thursday afternoons
  • Start date will be in April

This job has been filled.

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