Affinity Group Outreach

CTP Staff has been visiting local schools and groups to bring them information about CTP and information about the benefits of applying to be a client of the CA Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). CTP was formed by a partnership between DOR, CIL, and IBM back in 1974. We have recently visited organizations including local high schools, community colleges, adult education programs, and community groups whose memberships include current and potential DOR clients.

Recent site visits included Berkeley City College, Merritt College, Berkeley High School, and the Oakland Housing Authority. Further visits are planned to these and other schools and organizations.

Staff presented information about the Department of Rehabilitation services and how to apply, as well as information about the training programs offered at CTP.  The presentations were well received by students and staff. While many had heard of DOR, some had not, and others were unfamiliar with many of the services DOR offers. Staff were able to answer questions about who qualifies for services, what services are provided, how to apply, and the best practices for ensuring that requested services are provided.

This year CTP will continue to reach out to these organizations in order to bring awareness of our program and DOR services to those who can benefit from it to the greater Bay Area community.

If you would like to view the presentation materials, please see the link on the main page of our website ( or if you would like us to bring our presentation to you, please contact us using our contact form.

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