“A Better Mousetrap” for the Jobs Market

There’s something new afoot in the jobs market.  A better mousetrap, so to speak.  Venturocket.com is offering a completely new way for job seekers and employers to connect with each other that eliminates the worst part of the process for both parties.

For the job seeker there’s no more endless, stressful hours of searching, tweaking resumes, writing cover letters and filling out forms.  With Venturocket you just fill out a simple profile online, listing your skills, proficiency levels and what you’re looking for.  Then you just sit back and wait for an employer to contact you.

Venturocket uses a matching algorithm that allows an employer to instantly zero in on those candidates that match the particular skills and proficiencies they need without sifting through hundreds of resumes of unqualified applicants. The employer then reaches out to the job seekers who interest him and routes them through his own company’s standard application procedures.

There are no upfront costs to use the service for either the job seeker or the employer.  Both pay a small fee (generally $5 – $15) only when the match is made.  If no match is made, no one pays.

Venturocket, which started in 2011, is currently focused on companies in San Francisco that are hiring for tech positions and has listings from more than 600 companies.

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