White House Urged To Raise SSI Limits

The National Council on Disability, a government agency that advises the President and Congress on disability issues, recently sent a letter to President Obama advising him to raise the $2,000 asset limit on Social Security Income (SSI) recipients, a limit that hasn’t been changed since 1989.

As things currently stand, individuals receiving SSI benefits can have no more than $2,000 at any given time.  The council is asking the president to:

  • increase the asset limit to $10,000, with allowances for the figure to continue to rise with inflation,
  • adjust the way that SSI benefits are effected when an individual earns money from a job, and
  • make it easier for people with disabilities to keep their Medicaid coverage (known as Medical in California) even as their income rises or if they move across state lines.

Click here to find the full article provided by Disability Scoop.


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