Healthy Computing

Computers have evolved from from the salvation for people with disabilities to the cause of many disabling conditions. Our current computer-laden work and school environments have the potential to significantly damage our bodies. It is critical that we establish new “rules of engagement” with computers. This Healthy Computing webinar will explore the reasons and tools for taking regular breaks from the computer.

That’s the way the Accessible Technologies Coalition (ATC) describes their upcoming webinar on Healthy Computing that looks to be both interesting and important.  The webinar will occur on Tuesday, March 26th, at 10:30 AM (Pacific time) and you can sign up for it here.   If you are unable to catch it at that time, all their webinars are archived on their website so that you can view it later.

Actually, the ATC offers a whole host of webinars both upcoming and archived.  I encourage you to explore the range of topics on offer,  which can be searched by disability, by age, by activity, and more from their home page.  For a list of their upcoming webinars go here or you can search the full archives here.

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