Voter Accessibility Feedback Wanted

Call me naive, but I would have thought that this long after the ADA was enacted, accessibility in voting places would be fairly well handled.  Silly me!  During the last election in 2008, only 27% of polling places were barrier-free.  That means nearly three quarters of the voting places were inaccessible!

The number of Americans with disabilities is increasing.  At the same time, many states are instituting voter ID requirements which are difficult for people with disabilities to fulfill, making it even more difficult for them to vote.  The trajectory for democratic participation is not pretty.  Disability Blog has an excellent article about this mess. 

What was your experience in 2012?  To track the state of voter accessibility, the National Council on Disabilities wants to hear from you about your recent voting experience.  You can find their questionnaire here.  Their findings, based on your input, will be published next year.

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