Help in Difficult Financial Times

No doubt about it–these are very difficult financial times for many Americans.  I hope you are not among those who are struggling, but if you are, help is available.  That help comes in both governmental and nonprofit flavors.

The government program websites I’ve included here have some overlap, but they are all worth perusing for assistance with unemployment, housing, food and health services.

For federal programs, you can start your exploration here.  The same information is also available in Spanish here.  For California services, you can start with the California Department of Social Services.  And for the county level, here are some of the local Bay Area county social services websites:

  • Alameda
  • Contra Costa
  • San Francisco

To find services in another county or state, just google “social services” along with your county and/or state name.

To find nonprofit organizations that offer services in your area, go to, click on “Local” (located just above the search box), and type “social services” in the search box.  If the website hasn’t already entered your city’s name for you, you’ll need to enter this as well.  Then click “Search”.


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