The Inside Track on Federal Jobs

There are two ways to apply for a federal job, competitively and non-competitively.  The usual route most job seekers go is the competitive route by searching the official government jobs website USAJOBS. And that’s fine.

But there’s also a lesser known way for people (including veterans) with disabilities to apply for federal jobs through a non-competitive hiring process called Schedule A.  As long as you meet the disability criteria and the minimum qualifications for a position, you may be hired without competing with the general public.  People from all professions from clerical staff to attorneys can be hired in this manner.

Under Schedule A you first decide what federal agency you’d like to work for, then apply directly to that agency by contacting the person who helps recruit, hire and accommodate people with disabilities.  That person’s name and contact information can be found either on the agency’s website (recommended) or through the SPPC Directory (not always up to date).  You can apply for a specific job opening advertised on the agency website, or you can simply register with them to be considered for future openings.

For more information about the details of Schedule A, start with the webpages for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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