I enjoy solving problems at work.

Donald High

Administrative Assistant UC Berkeley

What made you interested in technology?
When I came back to the United States after living in Germany, I noticed that most jobs at the job agency I went to required computer skills. I had no interest in computers at the time but my department of rehabilitation counselor suggested that I look into the Office Systems Training at CTP.

What did you do before your technology career?
I have an art background and a degree in Graphic Design. Before I started on my technology path I landed a graphic arts job for three years, and then between travels, I had odd jobs. I went back to school for one year. The last job was in data entry for seven years.

What is your disability?
I am deaf.

What does your work place do to accommodate your disability?
My workplace provides sign language interpreters when necessary. I have a TTY machine so that I can make phone calls. I use e-mail and writing to communicate with coworkers.

What training in technology do you have?
After my Office Systems training at CTP I have had training in several topics related to my present job. These are Filemaker Pro, Corporatetime, Data Base financial systems (how to process/find office invoices and purchase orders).

What are your hobbies and interests?
I enjoy traveling, film, art, especially drawing, and buying collectibles.

What work do you do now?
I work as an Administrative Assistant in the Disabled Students Office at UC Berkeley. I work in both services to students with disabilities and processing check invoices for vendors that provide services. I send out letters, maintain a filing system, send out mail and e-mail and work on a data base.

What do you like about your work?
I enjoy solving problems at work. First I do an investigation of the details of the problem (i.e. tracking down vendors on duplicate check payments) and then I suggest how to solve the problem or improve the situation. I suggested that online confidential student information should be transferred onto the student database. This made it easier and quicker to enter the information and maintain the files. I also suggested that once accommodation letters were done online they be transferred to the case notes in the student data base. This also saved time. I also solved the problem of faxed documents going nowhere. My suggestions have made the work more efficient and organized, and it is a good way for me to use my creativity.

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