SVRS for laptops and smart phones

Sorenson Communications has just released two new products–ntouch PC and ntouch Mobile–allowing deaf people to stay in touch with everyone, everywhere.

ntouch PC turns your laptop into a VP that works with internet and Wi-Fi connections so that you can use it anywhere–at home, at work, in airports and hotels.  ntouch Mobile is a simple to use VP mobile phone with exceptional video quality for clear signed communication.  It is fully integrated with the EVO phone and works with Sprint’s 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

Both new products include many popular Sorenson features such as Video Center, Sign-Mail, Call History and E911.   The ntouch PC even includes free installation and training.

It’s all laid out in a special issue of the Sorenson VRS Messenger newsletter ( where you can view several signed videos that show how these new communication tools provide communication freedom and mobility for SVRS users.

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