Dec 2022 Intro Class Testimonials

“You know how they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Well, I’m learning new tricks. You guys are opening up doors for me.” -Y.C., DOR Napa referral

“I loved it. It taught me some stuff I didn’t know about stuff I’ve been using for years. And it refreshed my memory. I’m much more comfortable on Google docs. I thought the group learning was fun, the camaraderie. I thought Mike [Curran, instructor] was an excellent teacher, he always had our backs so I could take in a lot without feeling like a failure.” -T.C., DOR Oakland referral

“It was a coincidence when we started talking about data and spreadsheets, because I recently got a job and that’s what they had me do. What I learned in class I used on the second day of my job. This course is helping me get where I want to be.” -J.J., DOR Oakland referral

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