Tons of e-waste Goes to Responsible Recycling

The Computer ReUse Center just had 17 pallets of ewaste totaling thousands of pounds of dead and obsolete computers, network equipment, scrap metal and all sorts of stuff go to our very Green recycling partner. All of this ewaste was dropped off at our building by people and local businesses. At the CRC we scavenged everything that can be reused from it and packaged the rest for this pickup. We did such a good job that we literally overloaded their rather large truck and they had to return for a second pickup!

This is quite an achievement for the volunteers in our program and a significant increase over out last pickup. Last time we packed up 5 or 6 pallets and felt like that was a lot – this time we tripled that.

Cheers to the great staff and volunteers who participated and here is to a great 2015!

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