Thanking The Tarjan Center

The Tarjan Center has awarded CTP the Spencer-Russell Service Inclusion Mini-Grant Program in memory of the Tarjan Centers two leaders in the disability field: Jane Spencer and James Rice Russell . This award will be used to increase opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in community service and national volunteerism. CTP will create a job shadowing program for current students to job shadow an employed graduate. CTP graduates will also be invited to participate on a career panel to discuss with current students career options and how to manage challenges on the job.

For more information
contact Joan Breves at
[email protected]
(510) 849-2911 ext 302

“This project is sponsored by The California Service Corps and the Tarjan Center Service Inclusion Project at the University of California Los Angeles.”

Thank You for Your Contributions

Helen Cademortori
Laura Carroll
Scott Clarke
Charles Colerich
Mark Didero
Paul Dumell
Jane Fabian
Nelson Fincher
Mykel Gubin
Mark Guthrie
Christine Hills
Mick Huley
Susan Isaacs
Charles Jacobson
Jacquelyn Borthick Kircher
Roger Liljedahl
Sandra Luce
Shirley Mar
Tim McInerney
Ron Morrison
Robert Mudd
Ainsley Nies
Matt Nunes
Heather Overden
Pat Orr
Lee Page
Janice Parker
Linda Pratt
Susan Schapiro
Greer Kircher Scholl
Ray Schwarz
Judith Singer
Charles South
Steve Teeter
Randi Thompson
Julie Waugh
John Webber
Brian Wells
Michael West
Peter Woolston
Martha Zimet

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