Sorenson Video Phone Service

Video Phone
Video Phone

CTP has a video phone on site. The Sorenson VP 200 allows the CTP students who are Deaf to make phone calls using their native sign language.

The video phone is connected to a television and allows callers who are Deaf to see each other and converse in sign language. If a caller who is Deaf and a hearing caller who doesn’t have a video phone or know sign language want to converse, they use a video relay service to communicate via a sign language interpreter. Such interpreters follow strict FCC rules while interpreting the phone call, and must impartially interpret all that is spoken/signed to both parties.

CTP videophone is 510 849-2911; TTY is (510) 225-0249.

Video phones are currently no cost to the deaf community and the calls are also free.

See the Sorenson website for more information.

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