The Paralympic Experience (in Berkeley, no less!)

After you’ve watched the magnificent athletic prowess displayed at the London 2012 Paralympic Games (August 29 – September 9) on TV, you can test your own abilities in some of the same sports at 2012 Opening Day, an event sponsored by the Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (BORP).  You’ll have a chance to try goalball, adapted cycling, power soccer and wheelchair basketball.

BORP describes it this way:  “The Paralympic Experience is a day-long celebration of Paralympic Sport.  The goal of the program is to show individuals with physical and visual disabilities how participation in sport and living a healthy, active lifestyle can have a profoundly positive impact on their lives.”

There will also be information on the new BORP Fitness Facility, the Sled Hockey Program, and BORP’s new Jr. Adventures Program.

Opening Day will take place on Saturday, September 15, at the James Kenney Recreation Center, 1720 8th Street, in Berkeley.  Refreshments will be provided.  For more information contact  [email protected] or [email protected].

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