Beyond Wheelchairs

Wow, you gotta see this amazing device–it’s going to change lives.  Turkish scientists have just introduced the Tec Robotic Mobilization Device that “not only allows people who can’t walk get around more independently than any device has before, but it also helps them stand up on their own, which is crucial for maintaining basic health functions in people who have spinal cord injuries,” according to  Kristen Philipkoski on

“The device uses a suspension system that balances the weight so [users] can stand up with just a gentle pull. Standing for an hour or more every day is important for people who have lost movement in their legs; without the weight-bearing effect of standing, they can develop cardiovascular problems, brittle bones, pressure sores not to mention the psychological importance of eye-to-eye interpersonal contact.”

Because of a unique design, the user can maneuver himself into the device safely and easily without assistance. He can switch from sitting to standing and back again with ease, and while standing his hands are free to carry groceries or stir a pot on the back burner.  Narrow aisles in a store or restaurant are no longer a problem because of the device’s small size.  We’re talking greatly increased independence here.

But all my talking about it can’t do it justice–you’ve got to see it for yourself.  Check out this video on the Gizmodo website of a paraplegic man using the Tec Robotic Mobilization Device in his daily life.

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