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    CTP's has a highly structured and highly effective approach to professional development and job search.

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    High tech training, networking, virtualization, and cloud services. Fully updated instructor-led remote sessions. Dedicated datacenter access.

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    In 1974, CTP had an intensive computer programing class that was highly successful. Employers considered CTP's graduates equally qualified as traditional CS university graduates of the time.

  • Instructor Led Remote Classes

    Our entire program has been revamped for the COVID era and beyond. Access classes, learning materials, and our data center from anywhere.

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Since 1974, Computer Technologies Program has provided over one million hours of training and support for thousands of people with disabilities taking steps toward their career goals. We work hand-in-hand with the Department of Rehabilitation so there is no cost for our program’s participants and they have access to a wide range of support services.

Recent Posts

Autism’s Employment Advantages & Challenges

Within the condition of “autism” there lies a wide spectrum of abilities, from low IQ, non-verbal and requiring lifelong care to high IQ, good verbal facility and ability to live independently. For the higher functioning people with autism, some of the same traits that distinguish them as being autistic also allow them excel at certain types of work that non-autistic people find difficult. One example is put forth in a New …

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How Stephen Hawking Uses a Computer

You’ve probably seen Stephen Hawking on TV.   The world-famous physicist and author of A Brief History of Time, has a degenerative motor neuron disesase that, after several decades, has left him almost completely paralyzed, yet he still manages to speak using a computer generated voice.  Ever wonder how he does it?  Find out in this article by the Accessible Technology Coalition.

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Are you a Mother with a Physical Disability?

Through the Looking Glass is conducting a national survey of mothers with physical disabilities who have at least one child 36 months of age or younger.  They state the purpose for the survey like this: There is very little research to find out how mothers with physical disabilities manage routine child care tasks. Are certain child care tasks more challenging because of a …

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Invisible Disabilities

In recent decades some invisible disabilities such as autism, traumatic brain injury  and diabetes has skyrocketed.  At the same time new invisible disabilities have appeared, such as fibromyalgia, metabolic syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivities.  There are hundreds of diagnoses that can come under the heading of invisible disabilities. The Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA) is dedicated to making a difference in these people’s lives, regardless …

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Voter Accessibility Feedback Wanted

Call me naive, but I would have thought that this long after the ADA was enacted, accessibility in voting places would be fairly well handled.  Silly me!  During the last election in 2008, only 27% of polling places were barrier-free.  That means nearly three quarters of the voting places were inaccessible! The number of Americans with disabilities is increasing.  At the same time, many states are instituting voter …

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