We Are Proud of What We Do

“I have and plan to continue to hire graduates from the Computer Technologies Program. The technical and professional preparedness of these folks typically exceeds many an experienced programmer. Not only have those graduates I’ve worked with contributed significantly to our ‘bottom line’, but the example they set inspires their peers toward greater accomplishments. Everybody benefits… the individual and the Company.”
– Hiring manager from Wells Fargo Bank

“CTP makes good sense! As a businessperson, I benefit from a qualified, highly motivated resource pool. CTP graduates are able to produce in a business environment almost from day one. As an individual in the community, I benefit from the personal satisfaction of helping others, from watching someone realize their potential, and from being involved with a great group of people.”
– Hiring manager from Syntex Corporation

“We usually require one year of experience for our entry level positions, but we will accept completion of the CTP coursework as equivalent experience. We have found the students to be highly motivated and well trained, and they have no trouble adapting to our work environment. We will continue to participate in the intern program and recruit these students who demonstrate their skills. In fact, the CTP graduates continue their personal development and have assumed responsible positions in our organization.”
– Hiring manager from Kaiser Permanente

“As a BAC (Business Advisory Council) member, reviewer, supervisor of two graduates, I have found my involvement with CTP to be very rewarding. It is a worthwhile use of my time professionally, because CTP grads are a great source of new hire candidates due to the high-quality curriculum and student screening process. The CTP grads I’ve reviewed compare favorably with the best entry-level candidates I’ve interviewed.”
– Hiring manager from Hewlett-Packard

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