Models with Disabilities

When you think of possible careers for people with disabilities, modelling might not be the first thing to pop into your mind, yet it is a viable option.  Nordstrom’s, the upscale department store chain, recently received a fair bit of press for featuring four models with disabilities in the catalog for its biggest sale of the year.  But it’s not the first time Nordstrom’s has used disabled models, nor are they they only business who does.

In fact, the demand for models with disabilities–men, women and children with all kinds of disabilities, both visible and invisible–has been growing in recent years.  And for those who are interested, apparently modelling is one profession where it’s easier for people with disabilities to start a career than it is for the able-bodied.

For an overview of the profession of disabled modelling click here, and for some advice on how to get started in the business click here.

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