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CTP’s goal is to help students with disabilities get jobs. Over the decades we have learned that each of our students has unique barriers to employment and that there can be greater differences between individual than classes. For example what one visually impaired student might need can be totally different than another visually impaired student. Also we know that people rarely take a direct path to their goals and that their needs can change as time passes.

For these reasons CTP has developed a variety of services so we can serve as many of the diverse needs that our students.

Career Services Club

It is an excited and gratifying achievement when a CTP graduate gets a job but that first day of employment is just the beginning of a new chapter. CTP’s Career Services Club meets monthly to address challenges that students face on the job in retaining employment and advancing their careers. This peer group has proven an essential support for many students after they enter the world of work.

Employment Services

Developing employable skills is an integral part of everything that we do at CTP. Learn more about our unique approach to employment services.

Internships (Externships)

Gaining work experience as an intern is a great way to build confidence, network with working professionals and a solid step toward employment. Find out more about our Internship/Externship program.

Student Services

As a comprehensive program we coach students on their barriers to employment, provide career guidance, advocate for services from DoR and other service providers. Learn more about our Student Services.

Transitional Employment

The catch-22. You need a job to gain experience. You need experience to get a job. Intership and volunteering can help. At CTP we believe in transitional employment.


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