• The world’s first code academy?

    In 1974, CTP had an intensive computer programing class that was highly successful. Employers considered CTP's graduates equally qualified as traditional CS university graduates of the time.

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    CTP is a proud partner in the Ed Roberts Campus

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    Future computer technicians practice their trade.

Career Training & Support That Works

Computer Technologies Program prepares people with disabilities for professional employment by providing technical training, coaching and associated services. Our comprehensive program is tailored to suit an incredibly diverse student population. To do this we treat each student as an individual and work to find their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Since 1974, CTP has helped hundreds of people with disabilities gain employment and develop their careers.

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Who are we? What are we doing here? At the risk of sounding as befuddled as 1992 vice-presidential candidate James Stockdale, who introduced himself to the country with these two questions, here’s the story: The staff and Board of Directors have united to revive the long dormant institution: the CTP newsletter. This time the newsletter is presented in both print …

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Deborah Meehan Retirement

News from the past… Deborah Meehan, who has left her position as CTP’s Manager of Corporate Relations, was recently honored at a staff dinner at Olivetto’s in Berkeley for her tremendous contributions to both CTP and its graduates. Deborah, who participated in CTP’s inception as a Department of Rehabilitation intern, began working as CTP’s Job Developer in 1983. Deborah put …

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