• Professional Development

    CTP's has a highly structured and highly effective approach to professional development and job search.

  • Computer Technician Training

    High tech training, networking, virtualization, and cloud services. Fully updated instructor-led remote sessions. Dedicated datacenter access.

  • CTP's History

    In 1974, CTP had an intensive computer programing class that was highly successful. Employers considered CTP's graduates equally qualified as traditional CS university graduates of the time.

  • Instructor Led Remote Classes

    Our entire program has been revamped for the COVID era and beyond. Access classes, learning materials, and our data center from anywhere.

Career Training & Support That Works

Computer Technologies Program prepares people with disabilities for professional employment by providing technical training, coaching and associated services. Our comprehensive program is tailored to suit an incredibly diverse student population. To do this we treat each student as an individual and work to find their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Since 1974, CTP has helped hundreds of people with disabilities gain employment and develop their careers.

Recent Posts

Sorenson Video Phone Service

CTP has a video phone on site. The Sorenson VP 200 allows the CTP students who are Deaf to make phone calls using their native sign language. The video phone is connected to a television and allows callers who are Deaf to see each other and converse in sign language. If a caller who is Deaf and a hearing caller …

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Meet the New President of CTP’s Board of Directors

The CTP Board of Directors At its July 2007 meeting, the CTP Board of Directors elected Board Secretary Ainsley Nies as its newest Board President. Ainsley has been an active CTP supporter ever since she graduated from Programming Class 4 in 1978. She joined the CTP Board in 2002, and has used her project management skills to help CTP staff …

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CTP Staff Changes

CTP would like to introduce Jasper Hill , the latest addition to our staff. To read more about him, visit CTP’s main website !!! Christine and Alex’s were married in January….in India!!! congratulations you two!!

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