Computer ReUse

The Computer Reuse Center at the Computer Technologies Program is the formalization of activities that CTP has done for more than a decade. The primary goals of the CRC are:

  • Provide work experience for disabled students in the training program at CTP
  • Raise funds for the operation of CTP’s services
  • Bridge the “digital divide” in a way that benefits everyone involved
  • Encourage ReUse and reduce e-waste

The CRC respects the environmental movement and its goals. Computer reuse has also been a good idea for under served populations long before being green hit the mainstream. That fact that CRC helps people with disabilities while being green just makes it all that much better.

Refurbished Computers
We carry a wide variety of refurbished desktop and laptop computers. Our goal is to provide low-cost machines that still have good performance and reliability. Due to the nature of refurbishing we do not carry specific makes or models but we have systems to cover most typical home and business needs.

Our computers are typically business class machines that were been built to last. As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we offer “citizenship” licenses for Microsoft Windows and Office to qualified customers with our refurbished computers. To quality you must be low-income, a person with a disability or a charitable organization.

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